Jeff Long Tweets “THE TRUTH” Raising the Ire of Red Wolves Fans


From Dec. 17, 2012:

As we monitored social media streams for news and developments Sunday afternoon, we noticed our stream blow up with an odd back and forth between Razorback fans and Red Wolves and at least one member of the sporting press regarding a message purportedly from Jeff Long, the athletic director at the University of Arkansas.

Actually, it was @jefflongua quoting a tweet from a Hog fan, then @jefflongua adding his two cents.


The blowback from ASU fans on Twitter has been swift and steady.

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

ASU system President Dr. Charles Welch tweets:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

And we hear back from @jefflongUA

[tweet] [tweet]

We will continue to add tweets as we see them.

What do you think? Was it a shot? The truth? Appropriate?

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  • TB Taylor

    Big difference between the majority of ASU fans and the majority of UA fans: The majority of ASU fans wear their team logo proudly because the majority WENT to school there….UA fans wear their logo proudly because the majority WENT to WAL-MART! Wow….big brother…little brother…I like that….I’ll use it sometime…mothership…wow…big ship…that’s a mother…or….nevermind

    • Nobody Cares about Arkansas State

      Yeah, I’d definitely be proud to care about going to ASU so I could…do what with my life, again? Methamphetamine?

      • Name

        Can you say Governor of our state?

      • Name


      • WPS!!!


  • KennyDamDell

    Come on guys win a bowl game and then thump your chest. Although you can always hang your hat on that epic bowl win against Central Missouri State – 1970 PECAN BOWL CHAMPIONS! Hang your hat on it!

    • Red Grange

      Just for the record, Mr Dell, the Razorbacks have a lousy bowl record. You could look it up. I am a graduate of the U of A, proud of my diploma from the school we alums know as “the Harvard of Washington County,” but this idea that the Razorbacks are the cream of anything is pretty silly.

    • Lamar Scott

      Just for the record, the Razorbacks lost to Ouachita Baptist twice and were once tied by mighty Hendrix. That’s why the Hogs won’t play Arkansas schools to this day.

  • KennyDamDell

    Funny I thought that is the kind of degree you get from ASU – Walmart Greeternomics?

  • nattystate

    it’s okay.. we get it. we’re sorry you live in Jonesboro.
    I really just don’t understand why ASU fans have such hostility towards the UA. jealous, much?

    • Rupert

      We didn’t start this one dude. Talk to your goofy AD.

  • KennyDamDell

    The difference between ASU and U of A. Them rallying against us is a mission statement for them, Us retorting to them is considered a waste of time. And as far a you casting stones at people for picking up their Hog Gear at Walmart and not attending the University, that is a little silly on your part as most people I know have never played for a single MLB, NFL, or NBA team yet they can proudly wear their logo. Sorry folks I see a considerable number more ASU grads wearing Hog Gear, not to may ASU Red Wolves flags hanging around well … anywhere.

    • Ben Franklin

      Your grammar and spelling suggests that you flunked the remedial English course at Fudville.

      • AS WHO?

        Says the man to his future boss and/or current boss.