UPDATED: Alex Collins Talks Arkansas, Signing Day Drama

In this interview, running back Alex Collins, the Razorbacks signee from South Plantation (Fla.) High School, discusses his reasons for choosing Arkansas over other schools, his signing day drama, and his vision for his future as a ball player in the Southeastern Conference.

Good stuff, and we still think this fellow is mature beyond his years and handles himself like a pro in every interview we’ve watched.


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And there is this fantastic column from The Sun-Sentinel in South Florida, written by Dave Hyde. We have provided an excerpt of it, but encourage you to read it all.

The father was asked if he had any reservations about Arkansas in the manner the mother had.

“I want him to be happy,” Johnny said. “If he says he’s happy going to Arkansas, that’s good enough for me.”

Alex Collins said he liked the Arkansas campus, liked the coaching staff, liked the idea of going to college in another part of the country. You can understand all that. Sometimes it isn’t about drama or Golden not recruiting hard enough.

“This wasn’t about what Miami didn’t do,” Collins said. “This was really about me wanting to live my life the way I want to. I could do what a lot of people want me to do. Or I could do what I think is best for me.”

Over the Internet, Arkansas assistant Charlie Partridge watched Thursday’s news conference from Fayetteville. “He did everything right, didn’t he?” Patridge asked.

The kid acted the most grown up of anyone in this story.

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