Barry Switzer Gets Skewered Online For Apparent Sexism

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Say what you will, but you know and I know that Barry Switzer’s a straight up baller.

The Crossett native and former Razorback had a desperately poor, hardcore upbringing– daddy was a bootlegger, momma shot herself – so it’s not hard to grasp where he got the fire that propelled him to four national championships (one as an Arkansas assistant and three as Oklahoma’s head coach) and a Super Bowl win with the Dallas Cowboys.

Over and over,the Switzernator has proven he could win, and win his way. So if the retiree decides to rest on his laurels, kick back and let his guard down in these golden years, are we to blame him?

Maybe he lets his hair down by heading to the family vineyard, dancing with Dionysius a little while thumbing merrily on his smartphone. Or maybe he’s laissez-faire enough to allow some nefarious twit to highjack his Twitter account.

Whatever Switzer does to let loose, Switzer definitely did Saturday night while San Franciso 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ran roughshod over the Green Bay Packers:


If it was just Switzer in a room with some good ole boys, comments like that barely cause a ripple.

On Twitter, they turn into a Category 3 Hurricane:


@barry_switzer i know that u were my favorite head coach and my fishing buddy! Truth

— DeionSanders (@DeionSanders) January 13, 2013


It wasn’t a total Hindenburg of a night for the ol’ coach. He did get some love:


@barry_switzer I’m a horns fan but you sir are a man the modern man drastically needs. I salute you and keep it comin

— Andrew Baker (@andrewthetexan) January 13, 2013

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