Don’t Get Used to ESPN Radio on the Buzz


The latest from our friends at 103.7 the Buzz and Justin Acri, program director and co-host with former Razorback basketball player Pat Bradley of The Zone, and our friends at 103.7 the Buzz on the goings on in the sports-talk radio scene. The time slot discussed is the one held in the past by Trey Schaap and former Razorback quarterback and NFL wide receiver, Matt Jones..

For those of you who are wondering (and if my email and phone messages are any indication, there are many of you), yes there has been a change in the 1-4pm programming on 103.7 THE BUZZ. To try to answer your questions:

No, we will not carry ESPN national long term.
Yes, there will be another local show before football season.
Yes, I think you will love it.
Yes, I appreciate you listening and being patient.
Yes, putting a new show together takes some time.
No, we won’t announce who’ll be on the show until we are ready.

Stay tuned,

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