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As we count down the weeks and days until the start of the college football season, we thought it would be fun to provide an occasional look at some great games of the past. If you’re like some of us, anything we can do to get a football fix until the real season starts helps with the withdrawals we face this time of year.

You can see the first post here – the Razorbacks whipping the Longhorns in Fayetteville in 1981.

And here is a classic coach’s show featuring Larry Lacewell, is available by clicking this link.

We featured the wonderful 1978 Orange Bowl game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Oklahoma Sooners here.

In another installment, we featured actual game footage from Jonesboro High School football games from the 1960s and 1970s.

Last week we shared the highlight reel of Matt Jones who was was one heckuva quarterback for the Arkansas Razorbacks – not just good, but fast.

So here you go football fans. The sixth “Occasional Countdown to Kickoff.”

This week we have a sampling OBU Tigers football pictures from a collection put together by the Ouachita Tigers Gridiron Club. And what a collection and blast from the past these fantastic pictures are.

Enjoy, and know we’re now a little closer to the start of football season.

OBU Tigers Gridiron 1

OBU Tigers Gridiron 2

OBU Tigers Gridiron 3

OBU Tigers Gridiron 4

OBU Tigers Gridiron 5

OBU Tigers Gridiron 6

OBU Tigers Gridiron 7

OBU Tigers Gridiron 8

OBU Tigers Gridiron 9

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