Jim Harris Elaborates on What He Thinks Makes a Special Hogs Team

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In response to a reader comment on the site to Jim Harris’ post in Bielema’s new staff hires, we get some good details to ponder from Jim on what he thinks makes a special Hogs team: Innovation.

“I never said Arkansas needed a spread offense like A&M and Oregon (though I’d say having a QB like A&M has or the speed that Oregon has would help immensely in whatever offense Arkansas chose to run), and with the exception of A&M catching Alabama flat early on the third week of a pretty stout gauntlet of games, when has the spread had any luck against Saban? Certainly Petrino’s power spread or his focus on more passing over running didn’t work.

What I have said in the past is that Arkansas’ best success in both football and basketball usually come when Arkansas tried to be a little different, a little more innovative, than the cookie-cutter style approach to those sports. Broyles was usually ahead of the game offensively, as was Holtz. Nolan obviously, but to the other extreme, Eddie brought a stronger defensive mentality against his SWC opposition and succeeded in that way. And with the exception of how they fared last year against Alabama and LSU (both 24-point beatdowns), Petrino’s Hogs brought an attack that was hard for the average SEC team to defend and to keep up with on the scoreboard. It wasn’t the scheme as much as the players in that scheme. Better players than what they currently have will help the Razorbacks contend with the likes of Alabama and LSU and win against the rest.”

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