The Good, The Bad and The Wally

Queue the tune and let it rip. It’s time for another “The Good, The Bad and The Wally,” as in Wally Hall, the sports editor of the only statewide daily newspaper in Arkansas.

 The Good

The headline from this piece brought to our attention by Arkansas Expats is “Bret Bielema won’t stand for your Twitter Trolling.”

With that, no set up is needed. Just click this link and review the best of the best from Bielema to haters on Twitter.

You’re welcome.

The Bad

ESPN’s unhealthy fixation on Tim Tebow, it’s bad. As only one example, we offer this search result from ESPN’s website. There are more words devoted to Tim Tebow in the last week on ESPN than to Tom Brady, a Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback in the NFL. More posts related to Tim Tebow than to Tiger Woods, who is actually playing in a tournament this week.

It’s unhealthy, ESPN. We worry about you.

The Wally

We read Wally Hall so you don’t have to.

When the news broke Monday of former Razorbacks quarterback Brandon Mitchell’s decision to transfer from the University of Arkansas, we were curious what Wally Hall had to say about it, if anything, so we checked out his Wally Like It Is blog, presented by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Here’s what Wally wrote on his blog that day, ominously titled Strange Timing:

This is strange timing for players to announce they are leaving, even more odd that Brandon Mitchell is one of those.

Wally Hall didn’t elaborate on that blog entry. He strictly put up that sentence, then posted Razorbacks football coach Bret Bielema’s official statement from the day underneath it.

We woke up early the next morning in breathless anticipation of more analysis and insight on the issue of Mitchell’s departure from Wally. We almost couldn’t get to sleep the night before wondering what we would learn from the only sports editor of the only statewide daily newspaper in Arkansas. He set us up with a mystery of strangeness, and we were certain he would unfold all answers for us the next morning – word by word – sentence by sentence- until “The Case of The Strange Timing” was solved.

And we got this…

Other than one student athlete, it was not a surprise that four Arkansas Razorbacks have received their releases from the University of Arkansas.

The granting of releases to student athletes is practically a rite of spring all across the country.

What? Not a surprise? A rite of spring? Wally Hall, you’re telling us this isn’t strange timing after all?

Of course it wasn’t Strange Timing. Just do a Google search for transferring college football players or some variation and you’ll see stories from coast to coast of kids transferring.

Occasionally we get Wally like it is in the paper, and Wally like it ain’t on his blog.

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