Arkansas Game Day Grub – Dry Rub Ribs and Sides


The college football season is all up on us here at Sporting Life Arkansas. And as we all know: college football is always about more than just the ballgames. For some of us, it’s about the food.

So we present to you Arkansas Game Day Grub. Our friend John Haman provides us and you with some of his best recipes for your tailgating and game-day-game-watching fun.

In this space we will outline what John is cooking up, with amazing photos, and for the full recipes and how-tos, visit his site: RazorGumbo.

This week, John brings us his signature dry rub ribs, cole slaw and watermelon pickles. YUM!

Bon Apetit!

dry rub, ribs and sides

Few meals are as perfect for football parties as ribs, especially when prepped with a Memphis-style spice rub. Dry rubbin’ creates more flavor in the tender baby-back ribs  and presents fewer hazards to the white parts of your Hog shirt.

Start smoking the day before you head up to Fayetteville for the U-La-La game, and when you pull these babies out of the trunk and ice down some beer, your Baggo game will be the most popular on the Hill. Or, perhaps better yet, enjoy the ribs in your living room with 15 other fans and let everyone else get the sunburn.

Razorback fans would love Memphis even more than they do if it weren’t for the nasty little drive it takes to get there. But on the other end of that trip — a journey to hell strewn with flooded bridges, froggy farmlands, sleepy truckers and homicidal crop dusters — is the land of the Liberty Bowl (hey, don’t knock it) and of dry rub ribs.

The first place I ever tasted dry-rub was at Memphis’ famed Rendezvous. My last meal there wasn’t even that great, but no matter — Rendezvous remained the epicenter of dry-rubbery, at least until I finally made the vaunted ribs for myself, on my own Weber Silver One-Touch. Yes, I made smoky, tender dry-rub ribs on a simple charcoal grill. Man card punched.

Ribs usually come with sauce, or at least you are invited to dunk them in same. But no sauce is needed with dry rub, since the meat is dry-marinated for two hours in a thick rub of spices, led by the all-important paprika. You can do this, and I am the proof. All you need is the simple grill, charcoal,  three disposable aluminum lasagna pans. And, of course, the driest and tastiest of rubs.

For all of the instructions and ingredients list for these recipe, check out this link.

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