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po boy recipe

Our Game Day Grub-fixing Guru, John Haman, shares a Po Boy recipe, and this isn’t just any Po Boy; it’s his Roast-Beef-Gravy-and-French-Fry Po Boy. Get your game-day eating face on; grab some friends.

Let’s party and eat, y’all!

Drown your sorrows in gravy. That’s the best way to forget the Rutgers meltdown and get yourself ramped up for a respectable showing against the Aggies.

Just absolutely bury your food in gravy. But, start off that gravy with a first-class roux, enrich it with beef stock, soak some leftover roast in it, then pour that concoction over authentic po-boy bread with a thick layer of french fries under the gravy-meat. Melt some sharp cheese over the top and serve that bad boy with the gravy dripping down your arms.

This is the dawning of the roast-beef-gravy-and-french-fry po boy.  If you’re a big fan of Emeril you will notice his signature here. The inspiration for this sandwich was the “Poor Man’s Poor Boy” he made on the air for Rachel Ray’s cooking show. It’s basically a French-fry po boy with beefy gravy poured over the fries and melted cheese on top.

You can do this easy or you can do it fancy; we did it somewhere in between. We had no roast just laying around, so we bought a small portion of precooked, refrigerated roast at the store. We made a roux-based gravy, and I left a bread-starter in the fridge overnight so could cook up some authentic po-boy loaves the next day. We fried our own fries from potatoes we cut. And, we bought some beautiful horseradish white cheddar cheese from Kroger to top it all off.

But you can take this more downmarket and get great results. Buy a real baguette at a great bakery, such as Boulevard in Little Rock. Bake some Ore-Ida fries real crispy. Use whatever cheese you like. Just, for the love of all that is holy, don’t use canned gravy.

You must make the roux, because everything begins with that.

Click here for the list of ingredients and complete recipe.

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