Arkansas Game Day Grub – Gourmet Burgers of the Gods

Arkansas Game Day grub burger

As football season approaches we are proud and happy to launch a new regular feature for you here at Sporting Life ArkansasArkansas Game Day Grub. Our friend John Haman will provide us and you with some of his best recipes for your tailgating and game-day-watching fun.

In this space we will outline what John is cooking up, with amazing photos, and for the full recipe and how-tos, visit his site: RazorGumbo.

For the first feature, John starts us with Burgers of the Gods with homemade buns and Shut the Front Door Onion Rings. All from scratch and all delicious. Guaranteed.

Bon Apetit!

Well, it’s fall camp time, both for the players and those crazies, like me, who launch our fan-hood weeks before the season, poring over football publications and planning what we are going to eat for the big game. For your patience and loyalty, football fans, I will now reward you with a tailgate recipe for the ages: Gourmet Burgers of the Gods.

Everyone loves a juicy charcoal-grilled burger. Follow my guidance and you will be adored by fellow tailgaters, whether then are in your living room, on your back deck or together with you braving the heat of the August/September home games. The keys to this burger are the homemade buns, which will remind you of the ones at gourmet restaurants; aromatic Gorgonzola cheese; and, surprise, a little pot of fig jam.

Figs? Work with me. During a waking dream, I had an epiphany about the combination of grilled beef, blue cheese and sweet fig spread. This was one dream that turned out to be real. Find the step-by-step instructions and full recipes here.

Arkansas Game Day Grub Burger of the Gods

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